Saturday, August 15, 2009

The New Version is Here, The New Version is here!

Now I might be dating myself but one of my favourite movies growing up was The Jerk with Steve Martin, and one of the man memorable scenes in that movie was Navin (Martin) finally 'becoming someone' when his name shows up in the new phone book. He runs around shouting 'the new phone book is here! the new phone book is here!'

So now you know why I titled this entry as I did. Our new update (V1.1) is available and showing up on the updates tab of your iTunes account and on your iPhone. Do please download it -- there are lots of little fixes, a new Help menu, two new flowers and a bunch of optimisations, so things should work a bit more snappily!

I keep saying new updates are coming, so hopefully in a few weeks time you'll see more features and new plants as well.

happy gardening!

-- the Head Gardener

remember, if you like our product, please do leave us a comment and tell your friends. if you have a suggestion, please do tell us. We respond to everything and we will make sure things are working for you and that your suggestions make their way (hopefully) into future updates.